Sunday, March 24, 2019

Adventure #40 - Celebrating 25 Years as Owner!

Since we had a hiccup in the beginning, it worked out that our last adventure for our 40 years, was celebrating our 25 years as Culligan Dealers. Actually, hubby has been the, "Hey, Culligan Man!" for 43 years, since 1976.

As the time approached, the "Grand's" made their way into the room.

 Announcing the recipients was done in alphabetic order, so we were last.

After we went to lunch at Sally's Fish House & Bar to celebrate with the family.

They had one last meeting to attend before it was time to get ready for the Gala aboard the USS Midway. I went for a walk around the boardwalk, browsed a few stores, and decided to buy a lovely shawl to keep me warm while on the ship.

Instead of waiting for a ride that was never confirmed, we choose to walk the half mile. By now I had already walked over 9000 steps and felt I could do it! Thankful there were traffic lights that caused a pause for me to rest the weary legs.

As we walked, other dealers and their families were joining in. Group by group we all stopped to have a group photo done before boarding. We were missing two that zipped ahead on the scooters available almost everywhere.

Once aboard we met up with the other two and explored the ship...

As the sunset, dinner was served, and the last award recipients were called forward. Drinks were enjoyed, and the conversations were memorable. A night we will never forget.

Couldn't have planned a better closure for our 40 Adventures for 40 Years of marriage than this!

Now the work begins to put all the pieces together for our next milestone...our retirement and turning the keys over to our next generation!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Adventure #39 - San Diego

As we climbed the mountain that separates the desert from the coast, the clouds were getting pretty dark.

They began to look like they were ready to dump some water along our journey.

A half hour later and we could barely see the cars ahead of us, and the windshield wipers were of no help!

All of a sudden, brake lights were everywhere, and we found ourselves dodging debris and spinning cars. 

We counted seven cars that were involved, some escaping damage, while others lost bumpers and sheet metal, even someone's door skin was hanging on the bumper of a truck. Hubby slowed cautiously, while the guy behind us wasn't as lucky. These drivers were driving way to fast for the conditions which created the mess it did. 

Another 20 minutes as we moved further away from the storm that was moving east, the rain slowed to almost a stop. By the time we got to downtown San Diego, the clouds had parted and gave us blue skies for our arrival. 

As we prepared to gather for a family dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, I was able to capture our first sunset from our room. 

The following morning was the Welcome General Session. From the agenda we received days earlier, our 25-year award presentation was to be at 2:00 pm. When we checked in, we learned they moved ours to Sunday with the 30, 35, and 45-year awards. Not a problem, as it gave me time to explore the Seaport Village that was right next door, and watch the younger "Grand's" ride the Merry-Go-Round.

Later that evening, the Welcome Reception that was being set up poolside, could be seen from our room as the festivities were coming together.

If only it weren't so cold and windy! We found a place with partial protection from it and made our way to the food line. The theme for this years convention was "Top Gun," and they even had a look-a-like Maverick engaging with the guest!

Yes, I had my picture taken with him.

What a blast!

Saturday was a full day of breakout sessions for hubby and daughter, so the "Grand's" and I went to Belmont Park at Mission Beach.

The older "Grand's" rode the roller coaster!

All three rode the bumper cars!

 Next was the Sky Ropes!
They worked together and created a plan while waiting for their turn.
The youngest "Grand" completed the first level, along with the zip line.
The older "Grand's" finished all three levels along with the zip line.
They had a blast!

 We finished the afternoon with a round of mini golf. Unfortunately, my phone died!

Once back at the convention, the older "Grand's" played a game of Jenga!

 After the collapse and the meeting were over, we went to dinner with our nephew and his family. It was a great evening with lots of laughs and good food at the Kansas City BBQ. If you're in San Diego, it's across the street from the hotel. So good!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

I have butterflies knowing I have to walk onto the stage. I hope I don't trip!